Nowadays, technology is constantly advancing. Until 30 years ago people didn’t even have a thought of phones unlocking with facial recognition. IT is one of the fastest-growing areas. They cannot be taught in just one-course study. Even if a person finally gets his diploma after starting to practice his profession, he will continue to learn something new every day because of the new functions and programming languages that ​​are constantly appearing. Apart from our everyday life, they are also needed for our business.

And why exactly is the financial industry? The main reason is that it is a key element that is linked to the activities of every company. Security and reliability in the movement of funds are most important for the clients of financial institutions. Previously all the work was done by hand and written down on paper. We can now make a one-stop payment. This service is available thanks to fintech solutions. They are needed not only to develop new software services but also to improve existing ones. This is what we do at VSG Bulgaria. Our team of young and talented developers strives to improve and grow our company. And now we are looking for new additions to our team.

Ask yourself why choose us?

1. We are more than just a team, we are a cohesive team.

For us, teamwork is just as important as individual development. We strive not only for quality work but also for our employees to feel supported and secure. We will help you in times of need and expect the same from you.

2. We know how to work but also how to have fun.

We know that even if a person loves his job, sometimes he needs a break. He doesn’t have to associate his colleagues with work only every time he thinks of them. That is why it is important for us to add a little color to the daily lives of our employees, to reward them for a well-done job, and to do various team-building initiatives in order to gather the team in a more relaxed environment. There we have the opportunity to get to know the different personalities of the faces behind our professionals. Evidence of these fun times can be found on our Facebook page.

VSG Awards

3. Mission

It is important for us that our employees share our desire to achieve the mission as well as the company’s goals. This is true for both sides – we also want to help you develop your personality and professional skills by appreciating your individuality. This is the reason why we prefer to hire a permanent employee rather than a freelancer. As a regular employee, you will better understand our historyachievements, and goals. We do not want just someone to do the dirty work but a person we can count on as well as he can trust in our company.


4. Еxperience

For us, this is one of the most important things. We are constantly striving to improve our company and enrich our knowledge. It is never boring with us. You will join a creative and dynamic team for which there are no impossible things. We welcome challenges and we are not afraid of them.

5. The team

With us, you will have contact with various programming specialists who have over 10 years of experience. With us working hours don’t run slowly and work is never monotonous. This is the most important thing for us – to love our work and to feel comfortable. In this way, we diversify our gray everyday life and the typical boring working from 9 to 5. Of course, there is no work without difficulties but this is how we improve ourselves as professionals.

6. Bonus

You will work in a new modern workplace with equipped computers at a key location in the city.

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