is a financial software solution provider with over 10 years experience which makes us trusted partner of major financial services providers.


We are a group of young individuals who understand programming as an art and love to apply it at its best. Our task is to provide robust software solutions to financial institutions primarily located in the United States. The main technologies we use for server applications are Microsoft.NET C #, Azure Cloud Services, Azure AD B2C, Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2.x, ASP.Net 4.7, Identity Server 4 v2...

For the user interface, we have extensive experience in creating enterprise level large SPA (single page application) applications written in React16 / Redux, Angular 2.x, ASP.NET MVC. Responsive Design is utilized to present the applications on multiple channels and formats. For basic data repository, we use relational databases like Microsoft SSQL Server.

Much of our work is also to provide integration with other systems that our customers use. Over the years, we have gained excellent knowledge of working with architectural styles such as Representation State (REST), ODATA, JSON API 1.1 and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).


is to create new products and enhance current solutions that enable our customers to build a fully integrated process that will help them more easily and quickly achieve results and give them new service opportunities. By creating a portfolio of products that work together, it offers significant optimization and automation of the operations required, and helps our customers to be competitive, efficient, and offer quality solutions tailored to all security requirements.


The success of VSG Bulgaria is based on providing high-quality solutions and services every day. Our mission is to delight our customers by delivering software and services that exceed expectations and deliver the best customer experience and value in the markets we serve. The products we build for our clients are then used by those clients to provide services to hundreds of financial institutions.


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