The situation with Covid-19 and the change in the work process definitely affected the companies that provide financial software solutions.

The employees of VSG Bulgaria also parted with their desks in the offices, but the connection of the team remained stable. We have successfully found a way to stay together and cooperate with each other from anywhere in the country.


We knew that working remotely would change us in some way, but we still had no doubt about our expertise as IT professionals. We were even more motivated to make our product one of the best in the FinTech industry.

In general, the culture of VSG Bulgaria is focused on the team.

We try to make our IT team happy, to be approaching with understanding, to be working with each of them to carrying out their dreamed IT career.

Here is what we did for our offices in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo to keep our IT specialists and the process of developing our bank software.

Communication – the bond of the team. 

   The key to maintaining easy communication between developers and business analysts turned out to be the preparation of a communication plan. To keep track our progress and make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to a financial software solution, we use communication tools and applications for:

     ●    communication via email, chat, phone lines, and video conferencing

     ●    software project management through cloud-based tools

     ●    documentation

     ●    the time or performance tracking

     ●    reporting of ready IT projects.

   In an effort to keep the team informed about the goals and strategy of developing our software product, we also managed to keep the feeling of working together.

Meetings – schedule with first signal remote thinking.

All meetings have to be really effective. In order to achieve the highest value of the software and to meet the expectations of our customers from the FinTech industry, we began to implement a pre-arranged schedule with all the commitments and tasks.

Trust – and everything else will happen by itself.

Above all, we trust the team in our IT company because we know that it consists of proven individuals dedicated to their work as software experts. The combination of a free approach and a very high dose of trust allows us to continue to provide quality software solutions to leading financial institutions.

The only aspect without change.

The pandemic affected the physical presence in our offices in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo, as well as several of the IT events we planned to hold. But one thing remains the same – our Microsoft-based software package.

Our deep experience in developing software solutions allows us to continue improving the user interface of financial institutions, albeit from home.

It took us a while to adapt to our new reality, but we are successfully coping with the challenge of working from home, and we will definitely use some of the learned lessons when we go back to the office.

Involvement – building a relationship with the team from the beginning.

VSG Bulgaria doesn’t stop expanding its team.

Every time we are excited to present the new enthusiasts to everyone else, even if it is not possible to happen live. We have the task of fully integrating the new employees into the team.

We encourage the atmosphere and the feeling of welcomeness with the different and innovative ways of onboarding in VSG Bulgaria.

VSG Bulgaria is the provider of financial software with a happier and more productive team than everyone else! We can say that because even though working remotely the support and fun is still here!


Stay tuned and follow our blog for more information about our extraordinary online teamwork and IT events!