An event that was the perfect tool to further strengthen the team. 

Our IT company isn’t a follower of the boring seminars. Instead of them, we like to plan our events so that they reflect the dynamics of our work and constantly growing team. 

This Team Building turned out very suitable way to get this positive effect: full of fun, different activities, and games among which:  

  • All Together

  • Flip it Over

  • Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

  • MasterChef

  • River Crossing

To finish properly we played the extremely funny and reminding our childhood – a game of broken phone!

What were the leading values of VSG’ Octoberfest?


For VSG Bulgaria the team is most important to be one whole. To help each other, to trust each other and to talk without worries.

Through the games, we managed to find out more about each other beyond the role of an IT specialist.

The time spent together not only made us more cohesive but also brought us more credence to each other.


Informal conversations about Fintech and trends in the IT world have encouraged the improvement of internal communication. Discussing various topics that excite us has made communication between us easier.

Employee Engagement 

The fun is the way to unite people, to give the chance to know each other better outside the workplace!

For our organization, it is very important to welcome and engage the new talents!
An event like this team building is an ideal opportunity to unite all VSG’ employees from our offices in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo.

Organizing and holding of VSG Octoberfest made us feel like a part of one community!