What do we do at VSG?

The VSG Bulgaria team works in the financial sector. The products we build are corporate systems in the FinTech sphere that serve a large number of financial institutions in the USA. These are both products for management and analysis of credit portfolios, as well as products aimed at the end customers of our financial partners. We also develop products closely related to long-term analysis of credit risks, profitability, and loss optimization.

What’s important to know about people at VSG?

We are more than a team, we are a close-knit team.

For us, teamwork is as important as individual improvement. We strive for quality work, and for our people to feel supported and secure.

We know how to work well and have fun.

We understand that even if a person loves their job, sometimes they need a break. It’s important for us to add a little color to the daily routine of our employees, to reward them for a job well done. We organize various team-building initiatives and events, which unite the team and improve our communication during work.

VSG Awards

We have a common mission.

Our mission is to achieve full integration of credit and management processes to the next level. A large part of our work is also to provide integration with other systems that our clients work with. We achieve our goals through teamwork and sharing our common mission.

We learn something new every day.

We are constantly improving and enriching our knowledge of technologies, processes, and ways of working. We are creative, and the environment in which we work is dynamic. There is nothing impossible, and we welcome challenges daily.

We share experience.

With us, you will meet experts in programming, software testing, and administration with a great sense of humor :). The working hours pass quickly, and the work is varied. It is important to love our work and feel comfortable sharing ideas, opinions, and learning from each other. Of course, there is no work without difficulties, but that’s how we develop.

At VSG Bulgaria, we offer a unique opportunity for talented professionals to join our dynamic team and work on innovative FinTech solutions. We value teamwork, creativity, and the desire to learn, and we provide our employees with an environment in which they can grow and succeed.