What benefits does VSG Bulgaria offer?

Written by Mariyana Bronyar, HR Manager 


Mariana Bronyar - HR Manager at VSG.

In 2011, VSG developed as a fintech-focused company, and in the years that followed, it went on an impressive path of growth and improvement. The biggest achievement is the creation of an award-winning platform in the United States, which is currently used by over 200 financial institutions. With extensive experience and expertise in problem solving, the company is among the leaders in the development of customized and precise software solutions. They specialize in highly regulated and complex industries. They are experts in integrations with external suppliers, using the latest technologies to create innovative and easy-to-use solutions. 


The VSG team that cares about the people in the company and maintains a culture of cooperation and achieving common goals. From left to right on the couch: Nadezhda Obretenova – COO, Diana Petrova – Financial and Administrative Director, Mariana Bronyar – HR Manager, and Vaska Sivkova – Talent Expert and Stanislav Telkiiski – Office Assistant. Photo: VSG 

What social benefits does the company offer? 
Our main asset is people, so our priority is their health. We have included additional health insurance covering inpatient treatment, outpatient care, medical means, ophthalmic services, childbirth, and dental treatment. Each colleague can take the opportunity to add a family member at preferential prices. Mental help also does not remain in the background; we provide consultations with experienced psychologists, tests, prevention of burnout, and consultations on everyday work situations, stress elimination at work, and career advancement. In addition, everyone can activate the Coofit sports card and take advantage of a variety of sports activities and sites, as well as discounts in their network. 

How many vacation days do employees have in your company? 
We provide additional paid annual leave beyond the standard 20 days provided by law. The days between Christmas and New Year with us are official days off for the whole company. We believe that during these bright holidays, everyone can enjoy a relaxing family holiday and coziness. This provides an opportunity for a longer vacation, complete relaxation, and starting the year with new strength and pleasant emotions. 

As an expression of gratitude for the dedication and perseverance of colleagues who have been with us for a longer time, we provide additional days defined by their time with us, as well as days depending on their position in the company. 

For events such as teambuilding, company anniversary, conferences, trainings, and seminars, we provide days off on the day of the event to all who have applied for participation. 

We do not have the practice of offering options to buy or sell leave, as we attach importance to the balance between family life and work, as well as active rest. 

Do you have a flexible working time policy? 
Our standard working hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, but we provide flexibility after prior consultation with managers. 

Trust and responsibility are key factors for the success of our company, so we do not closely monitor working hours. We attach greater importance to results and the quality of our tasks. 

How is work-life balance supported? 
At VSG, we believe in individual choice and provide flexibility in the way colleagues work. We provide opportunities for office work, hybrid models, remote work, and working from home. We have no restrictions on the workplace – you can work from the mountain, sea, or other attractive destination with your family. These options provide exceptional flexibility and allow colleagues to spend more time with their families. We are seeing a significant decline in the number of sickness absences, as most colleagues successfully combine their childcare at home with duties at work. Additional leave and flexible working hours contribute to maintaining work-life balance. This approach creates a healthy and supportive work environment for everyone in our team. 


Photo: VSG 

Do you have a practice of giving bonuses? 
Every year we give an annual bonus, which is formed on the basis of individual achievements and has the opportunity to reach a value equal to one month's salary. During the year, we organize bugfests and provide cash prizes and bonuses to the winners. We encourage the participation of mentors and participants in the organization of our internship programs, providing bonuses and assistance throughout their period. There is no more exciting pleasure than to share your knowledge with young people who are just entering the world of their profession. 

What are the training and professional development opportunities you provide to your employees? 
We encourage constant learning and development by providing an additional budget for training, courses, literature, and certification. We believe in individual choice and allow each colleague to decide where and how to invest in their training, choosing the type of training that is most suitable for them. 

We provide individual English lessons, conduct and organize seminars on various topics that are accessible to everyone. In support of professional development, we cover tickets, shipping costs and provide days off for participation in conferences and other similar events. 

Internally, we have established channels for sharing knowledge, questions, materials, and videos, thus encouraging the active exchange of information and experience between colleagues. 

Every year we conduct annual performance assessments, have clearly established career paths, provide an opportunity for professional development, and update the salary based on the past year's results. 


Collage: VSG 

Do you organize team buildings for your employees? 
Usually, we plan two big team buildings per year. In the summer, we visit a seaside resort, and at the end of the year, we choose different destinations. Their duration is about 3 days, filled with entertainment, games, parties and unforgettable moments that contribute to the better cohesion of the team. To support the team spirit, this year we provide a budget for mini team buildings for each team. They can independently choose the destination to visit. 

We love parties and entertainment and strive to integrate them into our daily lives. Every month, we organize Fun Friday with different themes, including cocktail days, themed barbecue days, beer, sushi, and more. 

On March 8, we organize a special dinner and program for the ladies in a restaurant, and during the day we enjoy brunch with homemade delicacies from them. 

On June 1, we celebrate Children's Day with activities for the families of colleagues. Last year, we organized a restaurant with children's menus, animators, horseback riding, and various entertainment.  

For Halloween, we organize creative workshops with costumes, treats, games, and entertainment. 

The Christmas party at the end of the year includes a restaurant, bar, program, and various entertainment, making it befitting to end the year with a Christmas mood and team spirit. 


Collage: VSG 

What other additional benefits and social initiatives does your company offer to improve the quality of life of its employees? 
We have introduced a benefit system within which colleagues have the freedom to choose how to use their additional monthly budgets. Options include a variety of activities such as extreme sports, sports activities, dieting, home cleaning, nannies, and much more. We also provide various corporate discounts. In the office, we have a game room where colleagues can indulge in well-deserved rest and relaxation,  as well as fruit, coffee, milk, and other products. 


Collage: VSG 

We support and stimulate the birth rate, so we provide a "bonus baby" for our new parents. 

Regarding social responsibility, we are actively involved in various charitable causes, although we prefer not to share them on social networks. For us, this type of engagement is a personal matter, and we do not use it as an advertisement, we prefer to keep it only for us.