Cultural Fit: The Basis of Success in VSG

Since its inception in 2011, VSG has gone from a small fintech company to a market leader thanks to its strong corporate culture. We believe that success in business is measured not only in numbers and profits, but also in the quality of the working environment and the growth opportunities of the people in the company. 
Cultural relevance over technical skills 
We understand the importance of cultural fit and put it ahead of technical skills in recruiting new people. When a candidate demonstrates a desire to develop and contribute to our culture, we would hire him, even if he lacks some technical skills, and then we will invest in his training. This approach allows us to develop in an environment of open communication, sharing ideas and constructive feedback, which leads to a stronger working team environment and improves our expertise. 
Development and continuous training 
How exactly do we develop our technical knowledge? The company's approach to training is multifaceted. It includes both internal and external trainings that are focused on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. In addition to technical skills, we also pay special attention  to the development of soft skills such as communication, leadership qualities and problem-solving skills. This allows our people not only to do better in their current role, but also to prepare for future leadership positions. 
Examples of colleagues with positive influence 
Over the years, VSG has had many good examples of people who have a significant positive impact on the culture. Let us introduce you to Joro. He started his career at VSG as an office assistant and retrained as QA Engineer. His positive attitude, desire for development and proactivity demonstrate how the right personal qualities, combined with the supportive environment in the company, lead to professional success and development. He did wonders by improving the office and working environment in Veliko Tarnovo, while studying independently to prepare for the other role he wanted to enter – QA Engineer. Now he's in a new role where he handles great. 
What other qualities and skills do we look for when meeting candidates? We give preference to candidates who interact well with others, take responsibility for their tasks and work, and exhibit critical and creative thinking. 
The cultural fit in VSG is a key element for the success of the company. This philosophy serves as a reminder that in the search for such important technical skills, cultural fit should not be neglected. Skills can be learned, but the right attitude and the ability to fit into the culture of the company are catalysts for the sustainable success and growth of people within the company. 
To support what has been written so far, it is important to note data from our internal survey: an impressive 86% of VSG employees said they experience a high degree of satisfaction in their work environment. In addition, 75% of them believe that the company effectively maintains and develops its corporate culture, which makes a significant contribution to their personal and professional growth.