Vaska Sivkova's favorite job interview question

I have interviewed hundreds of people, and one of my favorite questions is,

"What are you looking for in your next position?"

This question may be asked during a telephone interview or later in the process with VSG

When looking for a new job, I want to make sure you focus on something specific. We want to hire people who have career goals and are motivated to advance in their careers. 

We would choose someone who has specific reasons for wanting this job because this person will be more motivated and interested in the job and will stay with VSG for a long time. Be ready to learn more about the company culture and work environment so that you can respond to this question confidently. 

How do you respond to the question, "What are you looking for in your next position?" Consider more specifically what challenges you want to face or the types of opportunities you want to find in your next job. Demonstrate your motivation and desire to learn, but also mention something particular that interests you about the position with us. 

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