How did I get started, and why did I stay at VSG?

VSG creates product software that is used in over 200 banks across the United States. The company has been in the Bulgarian market for over ten years. Our products are innovative solutions for corporate lending management, portfolio management, risk management, and credit process organization. Who better to tell you than the people on our team? They agreed to talk about their lives in VSG voluntarily or for the sake of chocolate.


I came in as a freelancer for one day and stayed as a team manager!

Petya - VSG

Hello, my name is Petya, and I have been with VSG for a little over three years.

My passion for web design met me with the company, which hired me for a day as a UX/UI designer. I helped the team in stylizing a platform that they planned to present to colleagues in the United States.

At the same time, VSG were looking for such a position, so they logically suggested to me that we meet the next day and discuss the possibilities. There was a conversation in which a tall American became involved, and his presence and the conversation in English bothered me slightly. Following this meeting, I was approached with an offer to join the team as a web project designer. I declined because I was in a team leadership position at my earlier company at the time.

And so, it all began а few days later, I received a phone call from VSG inviting me to come back to the office.

I also went to Daniel, who, along with Mark Hill, the company's founder (the tall American I mentioned earlier), offered me the opportunity to join the company as a manager of a newly launched project/team. They saw qualities in me that they were looking for.

Three years later, despite many challenges, I am still growing professionally as a manager and a designer. Also, the company provided me with the opportunity to meet and build a fantastic (to put it mildly, the coolest) team of 13 people with whom we not only work, but also have fun and support... together, we achieve the company's goals and contribute to the growth of VSG.


VSG made the biggest impression with its performance at the 2017 event "Career Days in IT Industry." So, I applied for the internship they were offering.

Simeon - VSG

I began as an intern when the company was still in its first stages, and an internship program was novel to it. I was offered a job shortly before the end of my internship and began working as a Junior Developer. That was the beginning of my programming career, and I am still building it here four years later.

During my time at the company, I developed both professionally and personally. VSG will always be extremely special to me because it allowed me to begin a new chapter in my life.

Some of the things that keep me here are the incredible team of people with whom I enjoy not only working but also spending free time. Another thing I like is the company's consistent practice of imposing the use of the latest technologies, striving to keep our products modern and interesting to work with. It is a real pleasure to work here, to feel important and valued.


I was 41 years old when I decided to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a programmer.


I left my 25-year-old business at the age of 43, moved from Ukraine to Bulgaria with my entire family, and began studying Software Engineering in Plovdiv.

I was once at a conference where one of my teachers gave a talk. I asked him if he could help me in finding a job. His team took part in an IT football tournament and competed against VSG. This is how he introduced me to Daniel Petrov, the company's manager. The interview was only with him because the team was smaller at the time. He assigned me a logical task, which we solved on the whiteboard. I discovered a year later that the task is part of Google's interview process.

I was hired even though my Bulgarian was at a low level and my English was slightly better.

But after a month, we went to Batak for three days of team building, and it was enough for me to realize that I could work with these people for a long time. Daniel is one of those managers who is always on the side of the team members; I can rely on him from the start.

I began as a Mobile Android Developer, but over time I learned JS, React Native, and was involved in the design of a chat from the start. I am familiar with the domain and have experience with a wide range of technologies. I made it a point to learn something new every day and then put it to use. The people is what is keeping me  in the company for 5 years and continue to be a major factor for me, and the pay is particularly good.


I say good morning to VSG after 5 years and 3 offices.

Ivan - VSG

My name is Ivan, and I work as a team leader and back-end programmer, although I began as a junior. The university where I studied informed me about the company. One of the lecturers told me that VSG was looking for people because they were expanding and invited me to apply. So, I did it!

They say that first impressions are everything, and I liked the company and still do. I remember when I applied to the company, I had a student work–and-travel visa in America. We agreed that I would start work, go away and when I came home, I would come back to VSG. I received an email from the company's CEO, Daniel Petrov, shortly before my return, asking how I was, if I had time, and if I wanted to return to work. This event pleasantly surprised me, and I kept my promise.

One of the things that I enjoy here is that you can go to anyone and talk about anything, from problems to everyday jokes and various situations. Colleagues are pleasant and friendly people.


VSG's attitude has remained personal and human over the last eight years.

Joro - VSG

Daniel Petrov, the manager of VSG, was introduced to me by a friend, and the interview took the form of a conversation in a café near the university. I began as a junior programmer with no experience but a strong desire. When I first started programming, I knew it gave me pleasure and that I wanted to do it in general.

The main product, solutions for corporate lending management, was in its first stages, and I grew alongside it. We switched technologies, tried innovative approaches, and improved processes. We were 4-5 people at the time, and our office was in a single apartment. We now have two offices, in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo, and a staff of over 60 people

My role is to take part in planning architectural solutions, strategies, and product development. We take care of each other's professional and personal development in the company, based on our interests. We encourage each other to have a life outside of work and to take breaks so that we can be more productive and purposeful.

Your journey with us is just getting started. Check out our open positions here or share your interests with us so that we can contact you when the right opportunity arises.